How tinted windows can help migraine sufferers

How tinted windows can help migraine sufferers

Windows are a very important part of our cars, homes, and offices. With windows, we are allowed to be in contact with nature from the comfort of our homes, offices, and cars.

But these windows can also be the source of heat and too much sunlight. This sunlight have been known to cause pains to migraine sufferers. Yes! Excess sunlight can trigger migraine. Not just migraines, even slight headaches we sometimes feel during the summer is caused by the transcendent sun. Migraine sufferers have been known to go through one of the following

  • They grow very sensitive to light with time.
  • Some of them have a job or daily activities that make them stay out in the sun.
  • The occurrence of their headaches or migraines becomes more as they become more sensitive to light.
  • They start having less tolerance to a particular wavelength of the sun.

It has been reported that 67% of migraine sufferers cites sunlight as one of the major triggers. Hence, there’s a need to look for solutions on how the sunlight entering our homes, offices, and cars are reduced. The solution to this problem is tinted windows. Click here for window tint 101.

What are tinted windows?

Tinted windows are basically windows with transparent sheets of films that serves various purposes. Some of these purposes may include reduction of glare and heat, beautification of your curb, privacy, and security reasons.Window films are usually made of polyester and dyes.

How tinted windows can help migraine sufferers

How does window films help migraine sufferers?

First of all, the ordinary glass windows in your car, home, and office does not keep the sunlight away. Hence, going from the car to your home or office wouldn’t do you any good because the sun will still disturb you there.

This is where window films comes in. They reflect or absorb more than 90% of the light incident on your windows. This in turn protects you from excess rays of sunshine.

Differences in product affect quality of windows films

All window films in the market are different. Window films are produced based specifically on the purpose it officers. Hence, solar, decorative, and security films are very different.

While security and decorative films are relatively thin, most solar films are thick. And solar films are what is needed to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your house.

Solar films made of ceramic and carbon are the best type of films for those suffering from severe migraine. For mild migraine sufferers, normal window tints with a dark shade will be very effective for you. Learn more about car window tinting.


Headaches and migraines can be do discomforting that they leave you helpless. Well, windows tints are here to help all migraine sufferers live a healthy and happy live.

The old saying says prevention is better than cure. Even if you don’t suffer from migraines, exposure to sunlight can trigger it. So, to be on the safe side, protect yourself and your family with window films.

Today, visit a window tinting company and get on with installing Window films in your home.